Stop Foreclosure and Ease Financial Stress


If you’re having difficulty meeting the financial obligations of homeownership, We Buy Homes BC provides a fast solution. With our Lease-to-Buy program, you can:


  • Stop foreclosure with sufficient notice
  • Keep up with repairs
  • Get back to good standing with your creditors
  • Enjoy some financial breathing room


How? Instead of having to wait while a realtor lists your property for sale, you get immediate relief from your financial woes by entering into a Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement with us. In most cases, we take care of your monthly financial obligations on your behalf, which may include the mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and repairs. In return, we get an exclusive option to buy your property for cash at an agreed upon point in the future, for the agreed upon price and terms. Some conditions may apply as each case has differing circumstances.


Lease-to-Buy is a great choice if you need immediate financial assistance and are planning to move or sell your property at some point in the future but don’t necessarily want to do so right away.


I Want to Stop Foreclosure! How Does It Work?


Our process is simple. Call us to discuss your situation and we’ll prepare a Lease-to-Buy arrangement that works for both of us. Learn more about How We Work